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Royal green hojari frankincense 1 lb

Royal green hojari frankincense 1 lb

SKU: 202201855450

No other can rival sacred Royal Omani Green Hojari frankincense, traded in the Arab world for over five thousand years and so precious it is reserved for the Sultan. It is extracted from the very tops of the youngest of the Boswellia Sacra trees in Oman’s desert city of Salalah, and drips from the cut bark as a fine aromatic resin which dries to form iridescent pale tears. Throughout the world frankincense remains connected with divinity and spirituality and its plethora of miraculous healing properties gives it an unrivalled stature. As you walk through Arab households the arousing fragrance of frankincense burnt as incense is always suspended in the air, used for centuries to lift low mood and anxiety and deter evil spirits. This grade however is so pure that it is considered a superfood and used as a daily medicine, soaked in warm water overnight and drank first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to take full advantage of its cleansing and detoxifying capacity or you can chew it, as it is considered to be a healthy alternative to chewing gum. Ancient traditional medicine has emphasized the miraculous healing role of frankincense and it has now begun to pique the curiosity of modern science with published research on its cancer-fighting abilities. Drunk every day, the dissolved resin boosts all areas of the body and mind; enhancing memory, relieving arthritic pain, purifying the blood, fighting cysts and regulating hormones are only a handful of its treasure chest of benefits.

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