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Royal frankincense boswella sacra organic medicine grade essential oil 10ml

Royal frankincense boswella sacra organic medicine grade essential oil 10ml

SKU: 202011050030

The history of frankincense in Oman since thousands of years ago. The trading ships sailed from old world Greece Egypt China Rome and Mesopotamia. All are seeking the most precious as gold which called the frankincense. The frankincense trees growing wild in the area of some countries but the Omani type considered as the most fines quality and used as a medicine grade.
The frankincense oil which comes from this grade can be listed as a medicine for many cases as the people in the past used it and was confirmed in our time by science it can cure or support some cases to cure and hail faster. 
List of benefits:
1.Here we use the frankincense oil for skin cancer.
2. one drop of frankincense oil on between lower lip and the teeth can kill all types of germs in the mouth.
3. Improving liver functions.
4. Improving kidneys functions.
5. Improving the immunity of the body.
6. Cleaning chest and breathing.
7. Can be mixed with anti aging serum for.better result.
8. Can be used with perfumes to make it stronger long lest  

Frankincense resins benefits :
1. Chewing to keep nice breath smell all day.
2. Breath the smoke of the frankincense can hail breathing issue as the frankincense smoke doesn't bother as its natural.
3. Drinking frankincense water can improve the immunity.
4. Cleaning stomach.  



    This product contain high quality green resins or essential oil only and no other color.

    This type for VIP customers who are looking for special selection tears.


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