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Frankincense rare Raw Honey boswellia sacra flowers 1kg

Frankincense rare Raw Honey boswellia sacra flowers 1kg

SKU: 20219701000

Frankincense honey has many medical benefits and contains a
high percentage of natural cortisone, which is used in the pharmaceutical
industry and is an inflammatory inhibitor, not to mention the tree's fame and
long history.


Luxurious Omani honey

Nail gum honey

Produced by bee workers from the flowers of the frankincense tree, this honey is one of the rare honey around the world and is produced only in the southern Sultanate of Oman in Dhofar province ...It also has great benefits countless is considered fatal germs that are the root of all disease

Frankincense honey heals, God willing, from:-

1-cancer tumors

2-diseases of the liver


4-general weakness

5-diseases of the eye

6-diabetes mellitus

7-tonic in

8-diseases of the digestive system

9-cardiovascular disease

10 - antiseptic for wounds and helps to related

11 - tonic for children

12- increases understanding, strengthens memory and improves concentration

13-is used to treat cough and to clean the respiratory system

100% natural cortisone frankincense honey.

For better result please use wood or plastic spoon and never use metal spoon.

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