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Frankincense boswellia sacra essential oil 5 L

Frankincense boswellia sacra essential oil 5 L

SKU: 2024005000

5 L of high quality of frankincense boswellia sacra omani hojari essential oil. Production locally in OMAN of best quality boswellia sacra frankincense.



1- Made via steam hydro-distillation process.

2- Copper steam distillation equipment.

3- Lab quality analysis indicated over 81% of Alpha Pinene.


Package details:

We use aluminium sealed bottles made safely for essential oils.

We ship the product in secure box safely.


Alpha Pinene benefits:

Alpha-pinene, a compound found in various plants, has been associated with several potential benefits, including anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, antimicrobial, and cognitive-enhancing properties. It may also have potential anti-cancer and pain-relieving effects. However, more research is needed to fully understand and confirm these benefits.


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