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Royal green hojari frankincense boswella sacra medical grade 2 lb

Royal green hojari frankincense boswella sacra medical grade 2 lb

SKU: 202012290001

This is fresh harvested on 27th of Dec 2020 and I grauntee the green color of the resins and good size.

These photos token by 5th of September 2020 from the same resins that you are going to buy. We refined the best green resins as you see the sample above in the photo. We have almost 6 kg only and we will start to sell them online here and in the shop which may will run fast as this medicine grade very unique and limited quantity also has huge demands. This frankincense is royal medicine grade and as natural of frankincense production comes in different grades from same tree but we have specialist who working on refining millions of resins to different grade groups and about the frankincense is very aromatic and high quality frankincense resins hojari from Dhofar region in Oman. Because of these days situation we offering FedEx shipping services including tracking number the delivery time 3-7 working days depend on the delivery destination. We are offering this small samples to test our products before going for bigger amount. We shipping orders via fedex. Please try our unique product and you will like it as its fresh harvested.

More information about Frankincense :

Frankincense tree is one of the old trees known for its usefulness, as it is considered a great natural value; because of its therapeutic properties, it is also a natural material that can benefit from its therapeutic properties through chewing, where it is an ideal alternative to many industrial products of chewing gum that contains a high percentage of sugars and colored substances, as the frankincense tree form I keep getting used to it instead of smoke and frankincense tree spread a lot in the Sultanate of Oman.
Benefits of frankincense tree many benefits of frankincense tree on the body, the most important of which: * eliminates cases of impaired functioning of the kidneys and reduces the risk of developing stones. * Reduces emaciated States. * Works to strengthen the heart muscle, reducing the risk of various heart diseases. * Strengthens memory and boosts activity. * Reduces the feeling of fatigue and lethargy and also reduces forgetfulness. * Helps to treat burns if mixed with honey. * Removes phlegm and serves to filter the chest. * Reduces stomach pain, strengthens and increases efficiency, and reduces the risk of ulcers due to its ability to reduce acidity. * Improves the digestion of food and expels the gases. * Used as an analgesic for rheumatism, headaches, burns in the form of fat applied to pain areas. * An analgesic for eczema and joint pain, it also delays aging due to its ability to remove wrinkles.
Types of frankincense, it is worth noting that there are many types of gum, all of which have great benefit, but there are some species that relate to the intense bitterness and less it is this species: • frankincense and. * Insect frankincense. * Male frankincense. There are also some species that are classified according to the place of cultivation and growth, such as Najadi frankincense or shazri frankincense.
Uses of frankincense • contribute to reducing memory impairment by taking it daily on an empty stomach. * If mixed with guava paper it becomes very useful for treating asthma and various chest problems, especially poor breathing. * Used with gum arabic to relieve acidity, also reduce colon diseases and ulcers. Used to heavily pregnant women to provide protection that increases significantly during pregnancy, also used as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease because they contain vitamins B6 and B12.

For easy shipping process and custom clearance we use to attached a professional invoice official with company sealed stamp.
For big quantity purchasing we offering a certificate of origin for the product from Omani authority ministry as some countries request this document for big quantity.

Please check the document sample in the product photos section.

We pay insurance fee for all shipments.

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