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Organic Raw honey of Acacia tortilis 500g & Dhofarica rare honey 500g

Organic Raw honey of Acacia tortilis 500g & Dhofarica rare honey 500g

SKU: 202011150001

Also known as perm honey, one of the most expensive natural honey on the market, samar honey is derived from nectar The brown tree, whose flowers bloom between early spring and even the beginning of summer, to begin honey bees to make honey summer with a sliver during this period, which increases the commercial demand for fresh from it, and knows the honey of samar from other types of honey with its reddish color close to blackness and the smell of goodness strongly emitted from it, and can the nail bee keep its flavor and nutritional value unchanged for three years if kept correctly.

The Benefits of Acacia tortilis Honey (Samar Honey):

It is considered a high-value food and can be served as a healthy and safe food for both children and adults, due to the speed of digestion inside the stomach and the ease of absorption by the lymphatic system down to the blood.A teaspoon of samar honey offers the right amounts of sugars for the body, especially after completing a hard physical or mental effortA lot of energy is lost, so athletes are advised to eat honey before any sports activity.Research has shown that samar honey has the ability to strengthen the heart muscle, because glucose has a strong effect on the heart muscles, by giving it energy to do its continuous work non-stop.Honey helps keep blood pressure within its normal levels by raising the blood hemoglobin rate.Honey contains constant levels of protein, which provide children with great benefit in building their bodies and muscles, and is easy to offer to children due to the sweetness of its taste, and helps to achieveProper growth of children's teeth and protection from caries.Honey is used to solve a number of digestive problems, acting as a gut disinfectant and tonic for its movement, and is an appropriate and effective solution in cases of constipation or colic and bloating.Honey contains prostaglandin, one of the most important substances needed by the immune system, to prevent disease, and any deficiency in the body's rate makes it more susceptible to disease.

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