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Hojari frankincense first grade strong aroma 30 kg

Hojari frankincense first grade strong aroma 30 kg

SKU: 202008240030

Hojari frankincense is the finest high quality wild natural product as it comes from wild tree to your hands. This product has many different uses and its aromatic with great spiritual feeling. The frankincense was shipping from Oman thousands years ago to old civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome and it was expensive as gold at that time.
Please be our customer and you will get the frankincense from its origin home Dhofar region in south of Oman as we offering free shipping with tracking number and because of regular mail is not available here these day so we provide free express shipping services until oman post resume back their services.
This Frankincense is available and limited quantity as it's running fast. very clean most of resins in very good size as showing in the photos above.
This photos taken on 12th of August 2020... Fresh.

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